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Snow blowers are a great way to remove snow from Cleveland area sidewalks and other narrow surfaces. This video shows a specialized tractor with front mounted snow blower and rear broadcast spreader for applying de-icer. This is very efficient as snow is removed and salt spread all in on one pass. The tractor features all wheel drive, flexframe with articulated steering, fully enclosed cab and other quick change attachments such as snow plows and snow brooms. The 2-stage snow blower is able to remove and deposit snow up to 40 feet away in any direction, eliminating unsightly snow piles that can reduce visibility during our prolonged Cleveland winter. The tractor platform features a center articulating and oscillating frame which gives it a tight turning radius and the ability to twist- always keeping the wheels in contact with the ground for increased traction and operator comfort. The enclosed heated cab also keeps the snow operator comfortable- offering many features to improve all weather visibility and increase overall safety. Snow blowers have several distict advantages over plows in some situations. Snow can be removed from any surface, thrown clear and distributed evenly to keep your commercial property looking it's best. They are less damaging to turf and landscaped beds than snow plows and eliminate dense snow piles that block visibility of other vehicles on roadways, drives and in parking lots. H&M Snow Pros has the right equipment to keep your Cleveland area business safe and accessible this winter - call us today for a free quote!

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