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Skid-steers are extremely maneuverable and versatile snow removal machines- they turn on a dime and can plow in both directions without having to back up. They excel when plowing shorter driveways or drives with garage doors that are found at Cleveland area homeowner association properties, condos and in self storage situations. This ability to easily plow in both directions also increases safety, with much better visibility of always moving forward instead of having to constantly back up. Skid-steers will produce extra down pressure for removing ice and hard pack snow when plowing both forward and when back dragging stubborn snow. With all the wet, heavy snow storms that Cleveland gets, snow and ice can build up on surfaces and can be difficult to remove with just the weight of the snow plow or snow pusher. The hydraulics of the skid-steer can force down the weight of the machine to increase down pressure well above what a plow or snow pusher can provide alone. Due to the volume of snow that can build up during a typical Cleveland winter, there may be a need to completely remove snow from properties. The Skid-steer can use its front loader bucket for stacking snow and also for loading other vehicles to remove snow from the commercial property. It's great at both plowing and also stacking snow when space is limited. Skid steers will stack much higher than pickup trucks because of their front loader arms can rise well above the plow height on a truck.

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