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The heavy-duty pickup truck with V-plow is a versatile snow plowing tool for commercial snow removal in Cleveland. A pickup can get between sites fast, merge into an out of traffic, and move safely out of the way when needed. It is most efficient with straight stretches in large areas where it can keep plowing forward and not need to waste time backing up. The pickup with V-plow can quickly clean up snow missed by larger equipment, get into tight spaces with independent folding blades and can back-drag snow away from buildings and doorways. With increased speed over larger snow removal equipment, it uses momentum to keep the snow moving and compact it into piles. Pickup trucks rely on snow tires and four-wheel drive to increase traction and keep the vehicle safe and under control in heavy snow and icy conditions.

The V-plow has two independently controlled blades with a hinge in the middle and offers more flexibility than a regular plow. It can windrow(as with a straight plow), scoop(like a containment plow) or cut through deep, dense snow- without shifting the truck sideways. These options can be chosen to fit the specific layout of various commercial properties in our Cleveland service area. Pickups can be fitted with back mounted salt spreaders to dispense de-icer for melting snow and ice- while plowing snow at the same time to increase efficiency. The truck bed holds bags of de-icer and the extra weight increases traction in the back end of the vehicle.

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