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We are using a specialized machine here called a telehandler (short for telescopic handler) to remove snow from a large Cleveland area parking lot. This particular model is a Bobcat VersaHANDLER utilizing a snow pusher attachment. The advantages of this snow removal machine stem from it's telescoping boom that can stack snow very high and also push it far away from the front of the machine. With our intense Cleveland winters, there can be issues with finding enough space to stack snow in crowded parking areas and this machine can push the tops of packed snow piles back to make room for more snow. A telehandler can also reach out and back drag the tops of loading docks and other elevated surfaces and it has 4-wheel drive to help with traction in icy conditions. Similar to a loader, it features 4-wheel steering for increased maneuverability, especially when making turns while pushing a loaded snow pusher box. This type of machine is normally used as a fork lift, but can accept attachments for a snow push box, snow plow, snow blower or snow broom. The extendable boom arm can potentially limit the view on the right side, but there is excellent visibility on left side of the machine to improve safety. A snow pusher box is used here to keep the snow from spilling around the sides while plowing. This reduces the number of passes needed to clear the lot and greatly improves the efficiency of snow removal.

Our company uses it's extensive inventory of snow removal equipment, such as this telehandler with snow push box, to provide safety to local area companies in Cleveland. There's still time to contact us for a free estimate to handle all of your snow removal needs. Call us today to keep your commercial property safe and accessible this winter.

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