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The backhoe with snow pushbox is an excellent snow removal machine for snowplowing companies. A backhoe has the required torque to handle very heavy snow conditions found in the Cleveland Area. Another benefit is the long reach that a backhoe loader has when stacking snow or dumping into a truck for removal. Backhoes can also be driven between areas faster and easier to clear parking lots quickly and efficiently. Visibility inside a backhoe - with higher seating and a 360 degree view - is better compared to most skid steer based machines. This visibility advantage, especially when backing up, gives H&M Snow Pros the ability to clear heavy snow quickly and in the safest possible manner. Keep your customers and employees safe during the snow season with reliable commercial snow and ice removal services to the Greater Cleveland Area and Northeast Ohio. Call us today and get a free quote for your Cleveland area business!

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  Management Services To:

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  • Distribution Centers
  • Cleveland Area Malls
  • Shopping Centers
  • Cleveland Area Schools
  • Commercial Properties

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