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Cleveland area weather changes fast and it can be a challenge to plan snow plowing and salt spreading operations. There is a balance between efficient and timely snow removal services, environmental impacts and the safety and accessibility of a commercial property. Traffic volume, blowing and drifting snow, snow melt/refreeze cycles and freezing rain can cause ice build-up and lead to vehicle accidents and slip & falls. Snow plowing can be very hard on equipment and sometimes it's better to use a dedicated salt truck and let the deicing process do the work. We put a lot of thought and planning into plow timing and salting schedules to keep Cleveland area parking lots safe for your customers and employees.

Salt is normally kept in large salt bins to keep it dry and contained. A wheel loader is used to fill the bed of the trucks which feed a rear mounted salt spreader that broadcasts deicer to where it's needed. The speed of the vehicle, broadcast area, gate settings and auger/conveyor speeds all effect the rate of application. Our equipment is correctly calibrated to put down the optimal amount of salt depending on temperatures, rate of snow fall and consistency of snow. There are many different types of deicer used for ice control and they must be chosen for specific weather conditions, temperatures, and to minimize environmental impacts. Pre-salting, or anti-icing treatment, is a proactive way to keep lots clear and ice free. It reduces the amount of salt needed to minimize material costs and adverse effects to the environment. While salt is a great deicer, it can cause accelerated corrosion and it needs to be washed off to keep snow removal equipment in top shape. With over 30 years of experience, H&M is well versed in all aspects of snow and ice removal. Call us today for a free assessment of your Cleveland area commercial location.

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